November 2, 2009

a feast of AUDIO & VIDEO!

Now you can experience Bridge Talks Back with images. The talented and effervescent Lisa Whitmer has created this beautiful video to personify the sound installation that will play from the Fremont Bridge through April 2010. Watch it here: BRIDGE TALKS BACK VIDEO!

October 21, 2009


Bridge Talks Back
will be available during daytime bridge openings and by calling 1-800-761-9941 through April 2010. Don't delay, call now!

The September 26th celebration of this temporary art piece was a resounding success. For more documentation, visit: Also, stay tuned for a short video documentary that combines images from the opening celebration and the audio piece. It will be posted here within a week or so.

Many thanks to everyone who made this extraordinary event and temporary art work possible.

September 2, 2009

video interview describes Bridge Talks Back

I was recently interviewed by Melissa Newell of Edmonds Community College about Bridge Talks Back, the culminating sound collage that I am putting together to celebrate this residency. I describe here what you can expect at the big Bridge Talks Back event on September 26th. You can watch the video here:

Bridge Talks Back, interview with KTR

And while I'm thinking of it, I have some thanks to broadcast as I move through the end of this project:

Travis Morehead, my audio producer
Bruce Michie, the bridge electrician helping us figure out how to program this piece
Jefferson Wilson, my SF-based technical guru
Clay Allen and Steve Erickson, from the SDOT signage shop

August 20, 2009

procession prep

It's full steam ahead here in the NE tower of the Fremont Bridge. I am busy getting all the aspects of a sound installation and celebratory event off the ground for a launch of September 26, 2009. I hosted a painting-in-the-lines party in my garage last night and some deftly-fingered friends came out to help begin the long, arduous process of painting 100 placards for the big procession. Thank you so much Jessica, Tracey, Laura, Judson, Erik, Wes, Gordon, and Morgan!

August 5, 2009


Come one, come all... to be part of The Bridge Talks Back, a sound installation and celebration on the Fremont Bridge!