June 4, 2009


At the Fremont Market on Sunday, May 31st, over fifty people participated in the Fremont Bridge Quiz, a homespun survey that asked participants to think creatively about their experiences with the bridge. Here are some excerpts:

Do you have a piece of advice for the bridge?

  • Stay lubricated and in shape.
  • Lighten up.
  • Remember not to let drivers’ anxiety pressure you into closing early or not opening.
  • Look in a mirror once in a while. Would it kill you to put on some paint?

Most popular adjectives for the bridge:

  • solid
  • historic
  • beautiful
  • cool
  • funky
  • quaint
  • blue

Not the most popular adjectives, but my favorite contenders: 

  • sturdy
  • patina-ed
  • humming
  • people-sized
  • cheese-grated

How do you most often experience the bridge?

  • car                                    = 38%
  • on foot                        = 29%
  • water vessel                       = 5%
  • bus                                    = 15%
  • motorcycle/scooter         = 4%
  • bicycle                               = 9%

Using this structure, create a metaphor for the bridge

SAMPLE: My relationship to the bridge is like that of a __________ to a ___________,

  • astronaut to a rocket
  • candy to a mouth      
  • husband to a wife (usually think it’s great but occasionally frustrates me)     
  • hand to a cookie jar (“sometimes I’m gettin’ through there and others not!”)
  • parent to a rebellious child    
  • hairstylist to Cab Calloway

Fremont Bridge Math

steel + love = the Fremont Bridge

iron + hydraulics = the Fremont Bridge

Don Knotts + nuclear fission = the Fremont Bridge


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