June 18, 2009

historic photos

The more time I spend in and around the bridge, the more I appreciate that a structure so old has stood the test of time. It is no exaggeration that, when not going up and down with amazing accuracy, the bridge is being relentlessly crossed by thousands of cars, trucks, busses, and high-octane bicyclists all day long. It is also amazing to me that the bridge opened even before the ship canal was completed, so the topography under and around the bridge has also changed. Old photos reveal a more hardscrabble and rough-around-the-edges type of living than the Fremont/Queen Anne we urban sophisticates know today. I've gleaned some photos from Helen Divjak's Seattle's Fremont, from the Images of America series (c.2006, Arcadia Publishing) and put them into a short slideshow. CLICK HERE ... you can almost smell these images! 

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  1. just heard that great NPR story--so fun!

    glad you're sharing your knowledge as you go along, and good luck on your art project!